Ian James

high quality services with

fair and flexible

pricing structures to meet client budgets


We offer several levels of service, each of which is priced differently.  This allows us to deliver the same high quality service to all our clients, but with pricing structures which are sufficiently flexible to allow our clients significant choice within their budgets.

Consultancy – pay-as-you-go or block booking

Our HR and employment law advisory and practical consulting support is charged in 15 minute blocks, on a pay-as-you-go basis.  You can call on us to deliver your support either at your business premises, by email or by telephone, and choose to use us for a much or as little time as you need.  If you wish to ‘block book’ more than 10 hours work and pay up front, you will benefit from a 10% discount on that block of time.  If you need us to travel to you, we won’t charge for the first half hour travel each way, but we will charge 45p per mile travelled.

Fixed Fee work – and our Fair Pricing Policy

If you prefer to have a fixed fee price up front, you can benefit from our unique Fair Pricing Policy if you wish.  For example, you may need new employment contracts, a handbook or polices; you may need us to be physically present at interviews, disciplinaries or appeals; or you might have a larger project such as a business transfer which requires specialist help.   We can either complete the job for a fixed price, or you can opt for the Fair Pricing Policy option.

The Fair Pricing Policy works like this: we agree a price up front, which is based on an estimate of time needed to complete the work and other charges such as copying, printing etc. We record our time as we go along and if we complete the project within a range of + or – 10% of the time estimated, the agreed fee will not change.  However, if we spend less than 90% of the time estimated on completing the job, we’ll refund you the difference up to a set limit.  If the job takes more than 110% of the original time estimate, we’ll charge you the difference.

Quick Call

Quick Call is a service designed for organisations with very few employees, or  whose need for support and advice is likely to be relatively small.  For an initial fee of £50, which includes an hour’s initial audit and advice, and a monthly membership fee of just £10, you can call us as many times as you wish, for just £12.50 per call, as long as each call lasts no more than 15 minutes.  Hence the name – Quick Call.  If you need more than 15 minutes, you can have it, we just charge £12.50 for each additional 15 minutes or part thereof.   Quick Call customers also receive a 10% discount on our pay-as-you-go consultancy fees.

Retained services

For peace of mind, you may prefer to use us on a retained basis, which means we agree a monthly fee in advance which allows you to manage your budget more effectively.  Prices vary depending on which of our two retained options you choose – either priced by the number of employees, or by the time we agree that you will need on a regular basis.



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