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About us

Twyford HR is different. Our Director explains why:

"I set up Twyford HR to answer a very specific need – fast, effective, accessible expertise for organisations without their own HR departments.  We gave grown significantly since our inception in 2012, and now have in excess of 200 clients our books.  We help businesses, charities and individuals. We mirror the hours of business in which our clients operate, so if you need us on a Sunday, we will be here for you."

The way we work 

  • we provide cost effective, fast and accurate advice for our clients
  • we operate an 'on-demand' service, where you pay for our help in 15 minute units
  • your first call to us is always without charge


"As an Employment Tribunal Member, I have seen the damage and cost involved when things go wrong for employers. The right advice at the right time can keep you out of trouble and enable you to get on with running your business."

Alix Passey Brown, Chartered FCIPD, DPM, MSc, MA

Contact us

Please call or email us, or visit our contact page to submit an enquiry via our contact form.

t: 01962 711552

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