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About us

Twyford HR is different, our Director explains why:

"I set up Twyford HR to answer a very specific need – fast, effective, accessible expertise for organisations without their own HR departments.  Through my network of contacts and previous experience, I realised SMEs often pay large sums to consultancies for services which they never use or for insurance policies they never claim on.  Twyford HR is different – we simply provide what you need, when you need it, without massive bills. We mirror the hours of business in which our clients operate, so if you need us on a Sunday or to support your night shift workers, we’ll be here for you."

We don’t:

  • use unqualified ‘associates’ who you’ll never meet
  • tie you in to lengthy contracts with financial penalties if you want to pull out
  • sell expensive insurance policies
  • charge you for time spent ‘relationship building’ or preparing your bills

We do:

  • ensure you have the opportunity to meet all of the team members who will support your business
  • use only fully qualified Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development personnel, who we’ve worked with in the past, and whom we trust
  • provide cost effective, fast and accurate advice for our clients
  • operate our unique Fair Pricing Policy, which ensures you don’t pay over the odds for our support

"As a Tribunal Member, I’ve seen the damage and cost involved when things go wrong for employers. So often, the right advice at the right time can keep you out of trouble and enable you to get on with running your business.

Don’t just take my word for it, see what our clients have to say about us."

Alix Passey Brown

Chartered FCIPD, DPM, MSc, MA

Contact us

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t: 01962 711552

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